[366] Roses and Thorns

Hidden in layers of mist⁣
Fleeting sights of honesty⁣
Morse code reverberates ⁣
‘Seek a little help’⁣
I leave behind parts of me⁣
To chase the revered unseen⁣
The wound hurts ⁣
for the sake of hurting⁣
‘Find me to heal’⁣
The body wishes for sleep⁣
The eyes for clarity⁣
The mist offers none ⁣
Only rain brought to my feet⁣

A luminous glimmer ⁣
of a possible crown of light⁣
Alleviate the suffering ⁣
Elevate the airless misty white ⁣
All my damp feet feel are thorns ⁣
Can the crown of light⁣
illuminate the crown of roses ⁣
and tell me there is ⁣
hope ⁣
and not like they say ⁣
a four lettered ⁣
word ⁣
Tell me there is ⁣meaning ⁣
even if it is in the form of ⁣
whispers of a mist ⁣
Tell me you exist
even if you can blow some ⁣
answers in the wind

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