[367] The Night Never Ends

Forgetful growth
I learn that
it’s easier to remember
an existing memory
than to form a new one
It’s easier to learn
because forgetting is seamless
and all learning is really in the end is
a seamless task of forgetting little details around as
I close my eyes and wake to

A whole world that sleeps
I can’t recall
why I hold an insomniac watch
Am I caressing the wounds of
a treasured dream
but past sins invade
and loot the mended light
I fail to remember
the defences I formed
I fail to learn
the lessons of yesterday
I forget myself
I forget it all
I forget forgetting
to learn nothing at all

8 thoughts on “[367] The Night Never Ends

  1. This is an amazing poem in the works. I don’t want to sound like a cunt, it’s just that I like to sort of ‘correct’ poems as I read them… Would you like to hear my version of your poem?

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