[374] Infinite Jest of Living

It’s the end of the world⁣
I’m screaming to no one at all⁣
A lonely death of a lonely mind ⁣
finding peace in its plight⁣
Caressing regrets of our times⁣
Sleeping with kindness at night⁣

Oh it’s the end of the world⁣
Empires of kings and queens ⁣
flashes of a dynasty⁣
Killings of a hundred languages⁣
Extinct animals used to practice ⁣
Lying under the stars that would kill ⁣
our sacred dreams that remain unfulfilled ⁣
Living courageously in the face of a storm⁣
All for a futile cause ⁣

It’s the end of the world⁣
The smell of roses that ⁣
mend all the wounds of ⁣
a thousand thorns of a⁣
memory accrued ⁣
Finding peace in the⁣
chaos of the world ⁣
The dictators that ⁣
fell to the revolution⁣
of the world ⁣

It’s the end of the world.⁣

18 thoughts on “[374] Infinite Jest of Living

      1. Everyone’s interpretation is different but my intention is the meaningless of everything if the world ends. Which in a turn is also a blessing in disguise to form your own meaning and live passionately in your own little life <3

      2. Not just because of that… The forest fire in Australia and other natural disasters that’s happening in almost all part of the world.. The war between religions.. Everything is leading to the end of the world. Covid 19 is just a tiny part of it

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