[375] Lost in a Daze

Things you try to replace ⁣
take the shape of the unrecognised ⁣
but they arrive back deceitfully ⁣
Like a cyclone arrives in the wind ⁣
lamenting the past furiously ⁣
Singing praises of crimes ⁣

Faltering steps you take ⁣
to hide your life of yesterday⁣
Dust finds its way to pass time ⁣
but you forget that the past hibernates⁣
even if you ignore its existence ⁣
It passes through time as you⁣
unaware, unabashed, unabridged⁣
while time passes through you ⁣
unconcerned, unsympathetic, unbridled⁣

Things you try to replace⁣
returns in the porous time ⁣
in the multitudes of you ⁣
that you failed to hide ⁣
In boredom, meditation, sins ⁣
you try the act of change ⁣
on the perception of your expanse
You see your panoramic life ⁣
for the first time and you realise⁣
Time is you and you are time

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