[376] The Ghosts We Meet In Dreams

The ever knowing bliss⁣
follows without me knowing ⁣
Stuck inside a ⁣
distraction economy ⁣
Flailing democracies ⁣
Corruption of the soul ⁣
Failing to find peace ⁣
in the destruction of harmony⁣

I turn inwards ⁣
to find wisdom ⁣
that I know nothing ⁣
The layers shed ⁣
The skin toughens ⁣
Asking ghosts in my dreams ⁣
Do they know ⁣
the ever knowing bliss?⁣

Apparitions appear ⁣
a glimpse of the beyond ⁣
A touch that breaks ⁣
all my fears ⁣
I find myself thinking ⁣
I am all that there is ⁣
The mirror of ego shatters ⁣as
the I in me disappears

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