[382] Normal Lives in Strange Times

Strange times ⁣
strange lives ⁣
intertwine in rhymes ⁣
Breaking patterns ⁣
to see through ⁣
I’ll break atoms ⁣
to be with you ⁣

Nightly talks ⁣
Stoppage of time ⁣
Expansion of the universe ⁣
from a livid God’s mind ⁣
We’ve been hurting ⁣
We’ve been looking away⁣
But we’ll understand it later⁣
on a moonless Sunday⁣

We can getaway⁣
under the ⁣
probing eyes ⁣
of the stars⁣
Violent times ⁣
they simmer down⁣
Strange lives
Strange times ⁣
But when we’re together⁣
It’s all alright

7 thoughts on “[382] Normal Lives in Strange Times

  1. I can’t agree more: when we’re together, it’s all alright. Thank God for those loved one who help make it “all alright” for us, huh? <3 <3

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