[389] Find Yourself to Find The World

When the film stops playing ⁣⁣
and you’re left alone ⁣⁣
Nothing to guide you ⁣⁣
Nothing to fall back on ⁣⁣
I will be there when the credits play⁣⁣
I will follow the lessons of war ⁣⁣
But who will save us ⁣⁣
from the ravaged souls ⁣⁣
They couldn’t find peace ⁣⁣
so they found wrath ⁣⁣
We can find enlightenment ⁣⁣
if we follow one thought ⁣⁣
to have no thought⁣⁣
To be comfortable with the dark⁣⁣
and let the light find you ⁣⁣
You will recognise the dust in the air⁣⁣
and negate it from your mind ⁣⁣
Capitalistic societies ⁣⁣
believing in imaginary currency⁣⁣
just so we pursue it ⁣⁣
to buy the time we already have ⁣⁣
to sell the soul we will need ⁣⁣
Then blame it on the circumstance ⁣⁣
Blame it on anyone else but me⁣⁣
Relinquishing control ⁣⁣
where you believe history repeats ⁣⁣
when all it does is surprise us⁣⁣
with one event that changes your present⁣⁣
like the surprise of a climax ⁣⁣
that shakes you from your reverie⁣⁣

The end is near ⁣⁣
for this brave new world ⁣⁣
I can dream the dream I wanted to dream ⁣⁣
or die the death I never intended to ⁣⁣
All on me, all on you, all on us ⁣⁣
Find me here and you’ll find you⁣⁣
We’ll find a future to find the world ⁣⁣
in its reverential solitude

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