[388] A New World Dawns

Inconsistency is something I have been battling lately. I give too much power to my mind to wreak havoc with its lazy and destructive patterns. Control is what I seek and the more I seek it, the more it evades me.⁣⁣
The next step in my development would be to capture consistency in my writing and to make it as second nature as brushing my teeth, the morning cup of coffee or the feeling of a foreign language becoming familiar.⁣⁣
Anxiety seems to divide me into fragments I can’t seem to pull together. Almost as if I am being pulled into different directions and because of which, at the end of the day, I reach nowhere at all. ⁣⁣
Today won’t be that day. Today I will be whoever I want to be.

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      1. I haven’t, I mean, I’m not in the art or writing world so I have no idea how it works. Sorry there, man. I know a lot of first-time authors are MFA graduates. But if you’re more into screenwriting I would shoot for that. Your one video you showed your followers that one time was REALLY good. Some hard criticism: I think your videography is better than your poetry. But that’s just me.

      2. I think it is just the fundamentals of English. I am guessing English is not your foreign language, or you learned it along side Hindi (?). There are just little things here and there, that make your writing really stand out like a foreigner. That is a good style, but maybe not what you are going for? I think just continuing to read novels and analyzing their phrase structure–things like avoiding run-on sentences, word selection that isn’t too awkward–would help. I hope that isn’t too judgmental! >_<. Or maybe you are a fluent speaker and I am way off about all of this. But there is something… clumsy, about your writing, from time to time.

      3. I guess just, don’t go for too much with your phrases. They are never not artistic enough. If anything they are too artistic and too clumsy. =/

      4. Totally get it it. Have to work on reducing run on sentences and of course, my grammar. Need to stop reading classic novels, those things have run on paragraphs 😛 jk
        Thank you so much for doing this. Really appreciate it 🖤

      5. I’ll work through one of your poems some time and rewrite it how I would write it, the same content, your content, my style, and we can compare how things are better/worse. It will be a good exercise for us both. But not now; kind of tired now.

  1. I hope you succeeded in being able to “be whoever [you] want to be.” Keep that mindset tomorrow, too. You were made unique for a reason. Just be YOU!! <3

  2. I understand these feelings far too well, although I could not have described them in such an accurate way with such well placed words. You will achieve this goal and surely many, many more, of this I have no doubt!

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