[387] How To Dissappear Completely

I suffer in order to not suffer⁣
And because I do ⁣
I try to make use of it ⁣
and make the suffering sing⁣
The world protests at⁣
my wasted life ⁣
and the times I could have ⁣
avoided what I felt ⁣
but I gave in ⁣
broken ⁣
at seeing the relentless waves⁣
crushing at my soul’s weakened rock ⁣

I speak in order to avoid speaking ⁣
And because I do⁣
I find questions easily ⁣
and avoid answers trying to find me⁣
For they will have found me ⁣
before I found myself ⁣
An admiration for circles ⁣
The promise of certainty⁣
The elimination of surprise ⁣
I run in order to reach the extremes ⁣
but i end up finding fragments of my ⁣
dissipated life⁣

15 thoughts on “[387] How To Dissappear Completely

  1. How are you doing? Are you alright? Really good poem but slightly concerning title. Hope things are okay at your end. Take care. 🖤

    1. Hey Shruba. Yes i’m doing well and thank you for asking. How are you? The title is a reference to a song by Radiohead which is sad but a beautiful one at that 💫

  2. I do not read poems usually, they do not hold my attention. This one did, as it mentioned one of the annoying repetition humans make: “avoiding” stuff, that in return happens even more often and/ or more intense. Allow me to share something your poem reminded me of:
    “Give evil nothing to resist and it will disappear by itself.”
    Better said: if would place our attention/ thoughts/ energy on the things we want (instead of placing that same energy on the things we want to avoid), then the game changes to your favour.

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