[386] The Antidote to the Chaos

I said⁣

Give me all your ideas ⁣
and I’ll turn them into mine ⁣
I’ll follow your ⁣
manic superstitions ⁣
just to know you a bit better ⁣
Mystery of magic ⁣
and the history of lies ⁣
calls upon a memory ⁣
that you kept alive ⁣
in your bones, in your soul, hidden under the rust⁣
Can I find it for you ⁣
if you don’t have the ⁣
will to try?⁣

She said⁣

We are not at the liberty to try⁣
No speck or thought of an internal life ⁣
when the external world is exploding outside ⁣
out of our minds, we can’t seem to help ourselves ⁣
Ocean shores whisper the secrets⁣
of the dead sailors and pirates⁣
of the lost civilisations and species⁣
that lost it all to chaos⁣
that lost it all to time ⁣
We need to formulate a vision ⁣
that is better than what’s in our sight⁣
I don’t need you to help ⁣me
but I do need you to help the world
to find an antidote to the chaos
because we don’t where we’re headed
So when it matters the most
I hope we find the will to try

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