[385] When You Forget Listening

Forgotten to observe ⁣
the stories of the unsaid ⁣
Glitched neural networks ⁣
to propaganda and overload⁣
Emotions overpower contentment ⁣
Ideas sacrificed for thirst for power ⁣
The brave new world is drowning⁣
and the underwater rebellion war cries⁣
drowned out ⁣

But you know what they say ⁣
about the dormant volcanoes⁣
They burst when it’s least expected of them ⁣
and the stories of the unsaid demand the same ⁣
an observation of their journey as they ⁣
paint the sky fiery yellow⁣
The story always finds its way⁣
into the consciousness when it’s least expected⁣
in the form of bubbles that give 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘮 a warning ⁣
but since they’ve forgotten to observe ⁣
The stories of the unsaid will swallow up the sky ⁣
because they forgot how to listen to the stories
of everyone but themselves⁣

7 thoughts on “[385] When You Forget Listening

  1. heartwarming and beautiful! What I like about your poetry that, your feelings and emotions are clearly seen in every word! Hence it connects to readers! Keep it up Rahul!

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