[390] Journey to The East

Look around to see nothing at all⁣
Find it all inside but you can’t face it⁣
Walk the talk or don’t talk at all⁣
Lies to yourself are the worst ones to keep⁣
Seeking the mirage of special knowledge⁣
when all there is, is simplicity⁣
Follow the path to inner fear ⁣
and lead it out to tune into your galactic frequency⁣

Hidden hands, I’m so far gone ⁣
Night closes doors that were heaven sent⁣
A conspiracy against me ⁣
I want out of this mind⁣
Laughing at the seriousness ⁣
of all that I deny myself ⁣
just because I am still searching⁣
just because I am still lost⁣
I want to find the beginning of my journey again⁣
to venture into the landscapes of my dream one more time
to venture into the impossibilities of possibilities
with the hopes of finding it some day

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