[391] Were We a Dream or a Nightmare?

It’s likely she’s living in my dreams ⁣
I need to travel through several
dreams before I wake ⁣
Lively eyes of a troubled wildling⁣
who seeks passion in the night ⁣
In a bid to escape her past⁣
and a hope to touch the future ⁣
and to sculpt it
because she couldn’t ⁣

When you can be whatever you need ⁣
I can always help you be free ⁣
It’s alright when it’s your fault⁣
It’s not a bother ⁣
I’m here for your facile wants
It’s easy to fall for you ⁣
when all you are is yourself⁣
It’s easy to find you here, here in my dreams
Our current joys are shaking ⁣
Will we feel the ⁣

effects of an earthquake as I wake up⁣
to the doom of our lonely life ⁣
The imaginary life vanishes like
forgotten words of a used up old God
Will I think of our time as a ⁣
dream or a nightmare?⁣
What do you believe? ⁣
Were we a dream or a nightmare?

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