[394] The Forgotten Untitled Reality

Feigned attempts to capture reality⁣⁣
Signs and symbols hold its impression⁣⁣
In too deep, I believe signs for reality⁣⁣
I realise the mask it wears⁣⁣
The dirt hints at something pure⁣ before⁣
Failing to touch the purity ⁣⁣
Simulation punches me down ⁣⁣
Imitation wins to catch me in an illusion⁣⁣
The maps of the world are on fire ⁣⁣
The world feels the heat ⁣⁣
When all that is happening is ⁣⁣
The symbol being destroyed ⁣⁣
A symbolic death does not mean⁣⁣
death for all it represented ⁣⁣
All it suggests is a need for a new sign ⁣⁣
for you to lose yourself in its artificiality⁣⁣
Curtains hide the atrocities ⁣⁣
to give you the symbols of the new reality⁣⁣
A jargon language you don’t understand ⁣⁣
so the bending of the moral laws ⁣⁣
is easier for them as you are alienated ⁣
in your sprawling tight-knit urban city ⁣⁣
Glimpses of reality in dreams shaken off as glitches⁣⁣
As you delve deep into the capitalistic facade⁣⁣
forgetting the soul that you needed to grow ⁣⁣
You’ve entered simulacrum⁣⁣
Symbols representing symbols ⁣⁣
Metaphors characterising metaphors⁣⁣
Now the mention of reality is a conspiracy⁣⁣
It’s a word not found in the dictionary⁣
and the perception of life twisted ⁣⁣
The new real takes you away from you⁣⁣
but madness helps you⁣⁣
You break off and turn inwards

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  1. Granted, if souls exist, it certainly seems as though they’re uncommon among the capitalist class. Somehow, they keep convincing people to sell theirs. Whatever the price, it’s too low.

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