[393] Under The Spell

Blurry shadows ⁣
My past haunts ⁣
I’m feeling worst ⁣
for the last time ⁣
Feeling the present ⁣
for the past now⁣
I learn it all ⁣
to pass out⁣

Epiphanies lost to ⁣
the morning of patterns ⁣
and a sunlight⁣
It snows down⁣
on yesterday ⁣
Am I in a dream ⁣
or a void now?⁣
I forget it all ⁣
into the white ⁣

Heaven tastes like ⁣
chocolate on rotten apples⁣
I hear chandeliers dropping ⁣
to make the shadows alive⁣
I smell stardust and ⁣
feel the moonlight⁣
I see it all in a glimpse ⁣
I experience it all through my senses⁣
and understand it through my intuition ⁣
Prisoner of the⁣
present and ⁣

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