[402] Better Days

My body remembers ⁣
what my mind ⁣
tends to forget ⁣
Gulf of responsibilities⁣
I avoid⁣
just to feel your scorn ⁣
to keep me alive⁣
I’m afraid to call this feeling⁣
a feeling lest it turn real⁣
I’m afraid to listen to birds⁣
lest I get lost somewhere ⁣
where nobody lives
Peripheral vision ⁣
has become experiments⁣
in spontaneity that ⁣
others choose to ignore⁣
Everyone has their eyes fixed⁣
on the prize which is wrapped⁣
in explosives of their spiritual side⁣

I don’t like the way I’m going⁣
I have lost a lot of memories⁣
that I could have made⁣
I have lost a lot of people ⁣
that could have stayed⁣
Things I know to be true⁣
don’t seem to be true ⁣
when the need to explain⁣
comes in the way ⁣
No one ever feels⁣
the need to explain their path⁣
to others or even themselves⁣
when everyone else is on ⁣the same
but the one I want to take ⁣
needs an articulation ⁣
when it’s pitted against ⁣
the usual scenic route⁣

My intuition is the answer

21 thoughts on “[402] Better Days

      1. Then I’d like to recommend the works of Kurt Vonnegut and Ursula K. Le Guin, my two favorite sci-fi authors. Both were compassionate geniuses, and Vonnegut had an especially grand sense of humor.

      2. I’ve read Slaughterhouse and am familiar with his storytelling theories. Will check out more of his and Ursula’s work as well. Thanks for the recommendations. Highly appreciated 🙂

      3. You’re welcome, and you are very gracious for accepting my unsolicited recommendations. ‘Slaughterhouse Five’ and ‘Cat’s Cradle’ are Vonnegut’s greatest masterpieces, and Le Guin has several masterpieces of her own.

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