[403] The Man Who Was A Believer

Delayed feelings⁣
I receive lucid thoughts⁣
amidst dissonant catastrophes ⁣
Anachronistic events ⁣
found in the lost and found ⁣
folder of my glitched mind ⁣
The prognosis is incomplete⁣
as the believer of the myth⁣
lays out the future blindfolded⁣
in the form of the forgotten past ⁣

The believer forgets the essence ⁣
in the lure of the surface level glimpses⁣
The dust accumulates not above but
at the roots ⁣
as everyone is dumbfounded at ⁣
the failure of the execution ⁣of a laid out plan

The spirit weakens⁣
Deforestation of the mind ⁣
Confusion strays the believer from his path⁣
and consumes him entirely⁣
until he creates a new myth⁣ to perpetuate
which destroys ⁣the remnants of the earlier one ⁣
just because he couldn’t turn inwards⁣
to admit his cardinal fault

6 thoughts on “[403] The Man Who Was A Believer

    1. No issues at all.

      The poem is about a believer of myths. He thought the myths gave an indication of the future and interpreted them quite literally rather than looking for what the myth represents.

      So when he tries to execute things as it is done in the myth he fails because he is not in touch with the essence of the myth and only looking at its surface level mechanics. As this happens he becomes a non-believer and his new thinking becomes to destroy this myth entirely because it destroyed him. And all of this happened just because he didn’t admit his mistake of not interpreting it correctly.

      TL;DR – A believer interpreted a myth to his liking which was wrong. Became a non-believer because it didn’t work for him and sets out to destroy it not quite understanding that he was at fault and not the myth.

      Hope this helps 🙂

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