[404] Never Meant To Be | Magnetic Poem

Here is my attempt at Magnetic Poetry. It’s a form of poetry where various words are given for you to choose in the order you deem fit. Once you’re satisfied, et voila, you have a magnetic poem.

They say that creativity gets a spark when you have limitations in place and magnetic poetry does exactly that by pressing you to think outside the box and create a poem you otherwise would have never imagined.

Believe, hope and bloom
A morning emotion
You take every blue flower I keep
and enjoy love as we drink
I listen, you laugh
but to never belong

Thanks to Ben Alexander for introducing me and many others to this lovely writing exercise.

24 thoughts on “[404] Never Meant To Be | Magnetic Poem

  1. I have those on the fridge. Keep you expression of self through art weird my brother from another mother. I am working on my ART into a PROCESS as a CRAFT until I find my HOOK. Good travels. Made me smile today!

  2. I’ve never heard of magnetic poetry. Thank you for the introduction and the brief explanation. Also, nice poem. “but to never belong” makes me think that no matter how close you get to someone, no matter how well they know you, you’ll never fully feel like you belong. And I think you’re right that we write things we wouldn’t otherwise write if we chose our own words.
    I’ll have to try magnetic poetry sometime. Thank you.

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