[407] The Night Passes in a Whisper

It never dawns ⁣
when random thoughts become⁣
fixated in your mind ⁣
when their first brush with you⁣
felt so harmless in its devilish poise⁣
They arrive in a breeze to ⁣
live like a storm ⁣
and cause havoc in your daily patterns⁣
to take you further away from your own⁣

The great reset is required ⁣
to feel the velvet touch again⁣
to pass away the lure of everything wrong⁣
in the clothes of everything good⁣
in order to understand the pain ⁣
A recipe for a messy mind ⁣
is ignorance when discrimination ⁣
of all the rotten thoughts is necessary⁣
It all arrives in me at dusk ⁣
but the right night passes me by ⁣
in a whisper of the lost potential⁣
of my newly acquired right mind

13 thoughts on “[407] The Night Passes in a Whisper

      1. …and to be in awe of the range of knowledge available to us to make sense of where we are. You are lucky to know so much!

      2. There is value in inaction. Seems the universe doesn’t want to be completely understood. Taoism has helped me a lot in coming to terms with that.

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