[406] An Unbreakable Infinite Bubble

I seek for everything and nothing ⁣
I am pining for everyone and no one at all⁣
I am lying when I’m truthful to all my basal urges⁣
in the hope of discriminating between⁣
the intuition that is right and the impulse that is wrong⁣
Calm, elevated and singular⁣
I stay fixated in my equipoise being⁣
but when I stray from the path I chose ⁣
in lure of another equally enticing one ⁣
I start from zero again ⁣
I begin to hold
infinity in my empty mind again
until I find every urge in body
compelled to stay on the road ahead

10 thoughts on “[406] An Unbreakable Infinite Bubble

  1. Ohhh such a moving post. And the beginning “I seek for everything and nothing” speaks volumes. The poetry is captivating and I’m in love with words used

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