[410] Denial Unravelling

Absorbed all our songs ⁣
to numb their melodies
by repetition
Their magic is lost ⁣
and I still cannot be found⁣
I can’t live ⁣
in the white noise of our ⁣
future that never was⁣

Lies under your sighs ⁣
I cannot find ⁣
a shed of truth ⁣
under mine as well⁣
With all your complexities⁣
you go to sleep⁣
as I lay awake trying ⁣
to make sense of you⁣

The day departs ⁣
with the blue hour⁣
I exist in the space ⁣
between the ⁣
birth of dark and ⁣
the death of light⁣
We die in the space ⁣
between the ⁣
birth of regret and⁣
the death of our time

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