[411] The War of Words

Sculpt a body or ⁣⁣
sculpt a character⁣⁣
Find it all amidst ⁣⁣
the morning dew⁣⁣
Repetition is key ⁣⁣
to catch the lightning⁣⁣
to turn to-do post its⁣⁣
into a man that flows⁣
Breakthroughs catch you ⁣off guard ⁣
if you only knew⁣⁣
Brand new you and⁣⁣
sacred knowledge⁣⁣
comes to few⁣⁣
The dull morning news⁣⁣
shapes a million minds⁣⁣
and their anxieties ⁣⁣
as their morning cup brews⁣⁣
to a conflicting crescendo of
their soul and mind in a duel

Wants and needs compete⁣⁣
to make you chase excellence⁣⁣
The poetics of intelligence⁣⁣
lives in the simple street⁣⁣
in a minimal room⁣⁣
and a controlled mind⁣⁣
to deceive yourself ⁣⁣
and follow your malaise⁣ out⁣
with your ever widening world view

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