[415] Fantasy or Reality

She speaks in fantasies⁣
upon the flights of reality⁣
Earnest talk with a ⁣
smile at the end to make it unreal⁣
I know she wants to mean it⁣
and make her dreams a reality⁣
She needs someone to push her⁣
Leap of faith awaits her⁣
But she can’t find the energy ⁣
inside her so she gazes outside⁣
to find me in the streets⁣

Our eyes lock ⁣
Can we unlock the potential⁣
that the individual cannot see⁣
The relation between the two⁣
is nothing unless we are ⁣
making each other learn⁣
and unlearn our calamities⁣
She waits upon a cliff ⁣
and feels inability inside ⁣
My words they speak into her eyes
to guide her into the light⁣

She finally believes in her potential⁣
and doesn’t feel my need⁣
for me to go and nudge her
so I turn my back to feel ⁣
We stand there in silence⁣
An abrupt noise creeps⁣
She is falling and she is falling⁣
but she finally finds her feet⁣
She is realised and she is reborn⁣
taking her first flight of fancy

42 thoughts on “[415] Fantasy or Reality

    1. What we take is happiness of the fact that we helped someone else take ownership of their story and realised the way to fulfil their potential.

      Thank you Khushi! What do you think about the end result?

  1. By Godjust relates me until I don’t give any boy outside my window para just that!! Too good at writing you’re, I’ll definitely read your every work day by day indeed. Your poems are also one of the good things around (after reading I felt this). Well never stop writing.

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