[414] Fooled by Randomness

My spirit lacks⁣
the water to float⁣
in my waning ⁣
inner reservoir⁣
It’s a place ⁣
where shadows ⁣
come to hide ⁣
so they don’t ⁣
attract attention⁣
and die in the form ⁣
of a spotlight story⁣

Stories we tell ourselves⁣
and others ⁣
about the way ⁣
we see the world⁣
kills the intuitive dualist⁣
inside us that tries to keep ⁣
the lure of a mystery alive ⁣
The importance of shadows⁣
is realised when monotony ⁣
kills the spirit with dullness⁣
and shadow is needed ⁣
to give it depth ⁣
to keep it alive⁣

The importance of the shadow⁣
is also a story we just shared
just to make sense of infinity⁣
just to hold light in my mind⁣
In the end structure and style ⁣
are only a means to an end ⁣
that is really a beginning⁣
A beginning of an idea to
make sense of circumstances
into an edge of the seat story
when we’re only really
fooled by randomness

17 thoughts on “[414] Fooled by Randomness

  1. Your spirit is a place where shadows come to hide… That’s such interesting imagery. And then the shadow emerges to hold light in your mind… I never thought of shadows holding light. Interesting concept. My mind sees the shadows absorbing the light. <3 Thoughtful, indeed! <3

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