[422] Rain Inside Me

Sullen clouds wreak havoc
in the revolution of my dreams
only to wake up to my
gloomy inner world
The entire day is lived
in a blurry flash
out of control
in the grips of fate
out of time
in the disquiet mind

Perhaps I can ask for a gentler rain
to return tomorrow
where I could finally be found
in the grips of a world where
there is a place for everything and
everything is in its place

Maybe my mind will shimmer⁣
with ideas of evaporation of melancholia⁣
in the form of a storm that rages outside⁣
so the one inside feels comforted as well⁣
In the hopes that my gloom ⁣
will finally bloom ⁣
as my velvet dew tears observe
the Sisyphus battle within me

Today’s prompt was laborious yet rewarding. We had to create a universal deck of 100 words and then choose one or two cards (2 words on one card) and then conjure a poem with those words as prompts. The words chosen for me were (ironically) fate, disquiet, sullen and gloom. This poem is a result of that.

This was the third day of following prompts by NaPoWriMo and like always it has been a treat to write poems that we won’t usually write.

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  1. Wow, this is so amazing! Those first two lines are perfect! You inspire me as a poet!! Keep shining, friend 🖤🤗✨

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