[423] Time Heals By Forgetting

They say time heals⁣
But they fail to say that
time also forgets⁣
the memory of realisations ⁣
of all the mistakes you try to heal from⁣
So when they say history repeats⁣
I believe them
I believe to commit the same mistakes⁣
to realise time is cyclical after all
And the process of repair and renovation
and remembrance and repetition of it all repeats
It repeats until you are able to tell someone that
time heals

Take on an image by @spaceliminalbot on Twitter. My attempt of NaPoWriMo day 4 prompt!

25 thoughts on “[423] Time Heals By Forgetting

  1. Well… Good post but I state otherwise see time has no memory only us me and you the only people who need to use time as a way of healing forgets.we only remember when we are in the same situation as before or as we encounter similar situation then we be like “hey I’ve been here before”.

    1. Yes. But if the circumstances demand you’ll commit the same mistake again. After world war 1 people forgot about the destruction it brought in a decade. The conditions became ripe for another war while we were healing from another and world war 2 was the result!

      1. Well…I get your point thus I say we(humans) are bound to make mistakes and learn from them but time all it does is tick tock tick tock and before we know it the day is finished and talking of world wars 1 & 2 respectively why hasn’t the condition became ripe for world war 3?
        See it’s different circumstances but time goes on forgetting that there was even world wars!

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