[424] Your World Is Ours

Youth finds a will. It’s not⁣
linked to what they presume⁣
They will fake, posit, lie⁣
Never admitting they knew nothing⁣

In listening, the youth finds a truth⁣
Synonyms, of the search inside⁣
Ideals of our future which
suffers due to their past

Ablution from their conditioning⁣
Straying, we search from zero⁣
Infinity is daunting⁣
Yet we are defiant⁣

If we create a language,⁣
go on to find a ⁣
thought or another word⁣
to lost. We’ll be fine⁣

Up above they try to stop⁣
A revolution of their dying⁣
They forget their own doing⁣
Or the power of our suffering

NaPoWriMo’s Day 5 prompt is the most interesting one yet. We have to find a poem and then write our own poem in its shadow. The first letter of each sentence and the overall structure should be the same. I couldn’t let up the opportunity to write a poem under Fernando Pessoa’s shadow so I chose, ‘Your Eyes Go Sad’ and attempted to match its utter brilliancy in simplicity.

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