[438] Never Ending Interlude

No finishing line in sight⁣⁣
I end up reaching ⁣⁣
a breaking point instead⁣⁣
Dim thoughts wreck ⁣⁣
havoc on my paper thin skin⁣⁣
Hijacked self worth and⁣⁣
rainbows switching to monochrome⁣⁣
A fight for air and ⁣⁣
a fight for survival⁣⁣
is happening outside⁣⁣
Light has halted its shine⁣⁣
The wind is empty of its answers⁣⁣
while chaos walks the street⁣⁣
with the ones with needs unfulfilled⁣⁣
Truth has left the world⁣⁣
that runs on a waning supply⁣⁣
of care and empathy⁣⁣
and somewhere in between⁣⁣
a flower of hope⁣⁣
gets gently crushed ⁣⁣
by the ones with smokescreens⁣⁣
by the escaping celebrities⁣⁣
by powerless spectators like you & I
of a failing democracy

NaPoWriMo Day 19 Prompts:
1. @writersday ’s “Rainbow and monochrome’
2. @poemsindia ’s ‘Somewhere in between’

Didn’t feel inspired by the official NaPoWriMo’s prompt which was to write a humorous rant. Given the circumstances around me it’s difficult to write something humorous right now so instead here’s a plain straight forward rant instead.

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