[458] The Spectacle of My Supernova

Absent poems⁣
in the negative space of my life⁣
Clouds begin to huddle in the ⁣
space left behind⁣
They emit the sound before the rain⁣
Fear and gloom surrounds the heart⁣
Without you my past poems have ⁣
turned into a statue that people ⁣
admire but only from afar⁣

Tears rile up⁣
our vivid times ⁣
Not even spring⁣
can bloom under⁣
this blue less sky ⁣
I fade in and ⁣
fade out of daily life⁣
I am but a dead star⁣
stuck in the bygone you⁣
to become a bygone me ⁣
holding on to a bygone view

Illustration by Takiisbranding

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