[459] The Unified Universe

A suppressed world of ideas⁣
and their heist from our mind⁣
The muse is at the root ⁣
of our fumbling tree of life⁣
I am not my body ⁣
Neither am I the mind⁣
I am just a dot reflecting⁣
an infinite dots in a shrine⁣

Languid whirls of a whirlpool⁣
and the axis of our planets ⁣
The relativity of time follows⁣
the vortex of our demise⁣
The mind stretched like the body⁣
The body reaching the mind’s heights⁣
I am left with no desire but love ⁣
I am left with no pursuit but creativity⁣
I am dissolving the phrase I am ⁣
and all that is left is the muse ⁣
writing the testament of our eternity

13 thoughts on “[459] The Unified Universe

  1. All that is left,muse writing testament for eternity,lucky to get absorbed with it amid impenetrable cacophony

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