[460] The Eternal Waiting

I walked while I waited ⁣
for words to stop failing ⁣
My state of mind was stateless⁣
Waking up in liminal spaces⁣

There seemed to be an answer⁣
that didn’t speak my language⁣
in a storm that uproots blue ⁣to
reflect fiery passion

Undone by shapeless sensations⁣
Vehemently without fervour ⁣
But my internal life is boundless ⁣and
it thinks of you whenever I’m waiting

Painting by Gilbert Williams, “Sacred Journey,” 1987

14 thoughts on “[460] The Eternal Waiting

  1. LOL. “I waited ⁣for words to stop failing ⁣” I do that all the time, waiting for words to come, begging them to come…

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