[461] How To Avoid Unhappiness

The great expanse ⁣⁣
stuck in a lacklustre loop⁣⁣
Somebody’s vision begins to blur⁣⁣
for they are forgetting their youth⁣⁣
The amiable ones shed advice⁣⁣
when they can’t face their own voice
The city folks find it easier to lie ⁣⁣
under their own doing of a starless sky⁣⁣
The apparent distant path to truth ⁣⁣
needs only a look inside⁣⁣
Pulsing life struck down ⁣⁣
by vile melodies ⁣⁣
Of feeble and worthless order⁣⁣
nibbling away your wondrous gut like a bug⁣⁣
Intuition blurs into a soothing illusion⁣⁣
You find yourself lifeless ⁣⁣
in a museum of disorder⁣⁣
Merging faces stare at those who fail ⁣⁣
to understand their great expanse ⁣⁣
Stuck in a lacklustre loop ⁣⁣
of finding meaning in the futile external you

Painting by Peter Goodfellow

6 thoughts on “[461] How To Avoid Unhappiness

  1. Futile to look for happiness outwardly when, like you say so eloquently, “The apparent distant path to truth ⁣⁣needs only a look inside!” That is the key, yes. Thanks for sharing. Lovely. ⁣⁣

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