[466] Space Love + Featured in Top 100 Poetry Blogs (2021)

I water my desert pain ⁣
with your name ⁣
Your sun flare gaze⁣
lights up auroras⁣
But in a city⁣
the stars only dazzle in ⁣

You find my light ⁣
waning by your side⁣
Premonitions come to you as deja vu ⁣
Realisations of changing feelings⁣
You leave my orbit to create⁣
your own planet to watch my ⁣

I happened to check Feedspot’s top 100 poetry blogs of 2021 as a blogger was featured there and I found my blog featured there as well for 2nd year in a row. They’ve used JanBeek‘s picture with my blog’s name (at no.36), which I don’t mind since she’s been with me on my journey of blogging for so long. Fun fact: She’s also the top commenter here, so thank you so much! Without the readers who’ve stayed and read me for this long, I am nothing.

So thanks to those who stayed and those who will stay here for longer. I promise not to disappoint you and try to raise the level of my writing and knowledge in years to come.

To more writing and more reading! ❤️

19 thoughts on “[466] Space Love + Featured in Top 100 Poetry Blogs (2021)

  1. This poem is so beautiful! What a stunning piece, you intertwined space and love so magically!!! I absolutely love it and its dreamy flow!!! And congratulations!!! You most definitely deserve it!!! I’m sure there’s much more to come, my friend!! Keep shining 🤗✨🖤

  2. you never disappoint, and I don’t see how you ever could– with words like these, I will be a repeat reader here. So glad I found your blog. My takeaway each time is huge. Thanks. Omedetto, my friend.

  3. Welcome to the blending of JanBeek/Rahul!! What fun!! <3 Like you, I am trying to "raise the level of my writing and knowledge in years to come." It's an exciting journey. I'm glad we are traveling this WordPress road together <3

  4. “I water my desert pain ⁣
    with your name ⁣”

    This is so visceral I can feel it. It drew me into the remainder. I like this one particularly, as I like all of Yours generally.
    Undoubtedly you are talented. Do not let the desert sand, the grit of it,blind you to an oasis of loving.

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