[467] Where Hope Goes

The more you know someone⁣
the more you find yourself in them⁣
If they’re ahead in their path ⁣
their past truth will kill your present hope⁣
but also offer you an opportunity⁣
in the form of a setback ⁣
all to reach your future faster⁣
One step back two steps forward

We start from zero ⁣
and then we change ⁣
History repeats ⁣and
we find ourselves at ⁣
the beginning again⁣
Our reach for the sky is futile⁣
if we haven’t been through a cave⁣

With two ends of light ⁣
and darkness in between ⁣
The cave is a journey to kill fear ⁣
inside our in between⁣ emotions
The new light is really a ⁣
new you and ⁣then
you get to know someone⁣
They find themselves in you ⁣
and you kill their present hope⁣
and give way to their cave
Now it’s their journey to find their
new light

14 thoughts on “[467] Where Hope Goes

  1. This is just, WOW!! I love love love this piece. Your words always carry such beautiful meaning and universal flow to them, it’s so lovely to read! I especially love the first stanza here, just sublime. Really well done, my friend! I always can’t wait to see what you do next 🤗🖤

  2. Ah yes, our reach for the future almost always involves a cave, doesn’t it? A time of darkness and an emergence into the light. Thank God for the light. The cave can’t last forever, but sometimes when we are in t, we feel as if it will have no end. What a relief when we catch the first glimmer! Therein lies the hope! Very thoughtful poem, Rahul! <3

  3. Very advanced thinking. Very ‘found’ thinking. Enlightening: the beacon that you are is ever so bright in this poem. Thanks for sharing, Rahul. I bless you.

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