[468] The Beginnings That Never Begin

Light trapped in the shadow⁣
or you in my mind⁣
My mind stutters⁣
when it falls in love⁣
Severed connection ⁣
with my soul⁣
Reality shapeshifts ⁣
resembling autumn ⁣leaves
in spring⁣

My feelings for you⁣
are found underwater⁣
drowning under the weight⁣
of my inflated ego⁣
Your spell doesn’t work⁣
in a magic less place⁣
A silent escape ⁣
the only thought in my mind⁣

Who would have thought⁣
silence breaks us both⁣
An iceberg forms ⁣
to paint the sky white⁣
You leave with no hope⁣ as
I arrive in the present’s past⁣
when it’s all too late open up⁣
when all that’s left ⁣
is for the sky to turn red⁣
as I implode

Art by Julia Lillard

12 thoughts on “[468] The Beginnings That Never Begin

  1. Wow Rahul, this is just amazing. Your writing never fails to inspire and touch me deeply. I especially love the first stanza here, but the whole piece is so stunningly powerful. Well done, my dear friend 🤗🖤

    1. Yep, missed it! Glad you especially liked the first stanza. I like trying to think about how contrasting things find a way to survive amidst each other. Thank you for your valuable comment 🙂

      1. You’re so welcome, always a pleasure reading your masterpieces! I love how you describe it, that’s a divine thing to write about ✨🖤

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