[469] A Portrait of My Poetry

Fractured sensations of my timid life⁣⁣
Fear binds my coward impulses with actions⁣⁣
For the body can’t betray the mind⁣⁣

Finding the patterns for unlearning and not⁣⁣
follow this repetitive mirage of a horizon⁣
Freedom lies at the end of this night⁣

So I watch the meeting between the
sea and the sun and ⁣
soak in the expanse of my
surrounding new light and my
shimmering new life

17 thoughts on “[469] A Portrait of My Poetry

      1. Keep shining, my friend. Your work always inspires me 🖤

        Hopefully you got my comment on your prior poem 🤗

  1.  Hey! Will you be interested in being a part of my anthology titled “Delusions of my heart” being published by Spectrum of thoughts? Would love to have talent like you on board!

    1. Hey Saloni, I would have to say no since I usually don’t partake in anthologies. Good luck to you though, I’m sure you’ll find a lot more talented people than me who are more than willing to take part in your endeavour 🙂

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