[470] Clarity and Doubts of The Mind

Autopilot days and⁣
fighting eyelids ⁣
The second voice⁣
of wisdom cries⁣
on its birth ⁣
Momentary flow ⁣
in the moment ⁣
feels eternal⁣
A customary dream⁣
filled with secrets ⁣
that an effortless ⁣
soul will not unravel

Am I a dissembler⁣
stuck in my own way?⁣
Self-centred mind ⁣
a bird that won’t go away?⁣
The self-aware plight⁣
of being aware of being aware⁣
Words begin to loop ⁣
Am I being aware, being aware?⁣
Answers lead to questions⁣
Action just hides away⁣
This is another version of me⁣
in need of understanding⁣ rather
than be at the end of my fickle judgement

I don’t usually comment on how the poem was birthed but this time I feel like expressing that. First comes the word for me, almost always. It loops in my mind until I accept to put it on paper. Then comes a piece of music to it that holds the rhythm of the words to come. I just wish I knew how to make music to fully express what’s in my mind. But till then, I hope that you can hear the music while you read this and for all unborn poems to come.

Art by Pater Sato

17 thoughts on “[470] Clarity and Doubts of The Mind

  1. Wow Rahul, this is simply mesmerizing. It’s just magical. There is this deep, powerful rhythm that gives the piece such strength. I absolutely love it. And your process of how this poem was born is very very similar to my process…I love what you say about the music. Well done, my friend 🤗🖤✨💫

  2. Wow, love this line. “Am I a dissembler⁣
    stuck in my own way?⁣
    Self-centred mind”. It is so true and I often have to drag my mind away…

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