[495] Life Is Not The Same

I live a fictional life of self-examination⁣
and an attempt to personify wind in my steps⁣
Futile ends of euphoria and its eternal chase⁣
To forget the ends but remember the epiphanies⁣
A glimpse of the flight about to end⁣
I remember to be unafraid of the fall this time⁣
and focus on the journey from ⁣
where I was to where I am and⁣
who I was to who I am⁣

Carved by patience⁣
My pain gives me false hope⁣
My shoulders lose weight in this false flight⁣
to brace the fall ahead⁣
I descend down the hovering clouds⁣
and take the rain of my guilt with me⁣
Maybe this way, my numbness will cry?

Painting by Richard Powers

20 thoughts on “[495] Life Is Not The Same

  1. That first line is especially powerful and has truly stuck with me. This whole piece is absolutely amazing, Rahul. So much wisdom and divinity weaved throughout, I wholeheartedly resonate! Incredibly well done 🖤🤗

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