[497] Images of the Mind

My internal images have⁣⁣
become black holes and⁣⁣
fractal shapes of the dark⁣⁣
Bare thoughts of bare bones⁣⁣
blocks all the weary souls⁣⁣
But dawn comes to lift me up⁣⁣
And the light finally sets me free in sleep⁣⁣
The dreary Sundays and evening haze⁣⁣
a broken path and internal rage⁣⁣
Fading sense of self, state of flow⁣⁣
Words that sow, images of an ideal world⁣⁣
Where do I begin when I keep reaching ends⁣⁣
Where else do I go, the colourful internal life ⁣
that I run away from

2 thoughts on “[497] Images of the Mind

  1. I absolutely love this piece, Rahul! Those beginning lines of the second stanza especially stood out to me. Your words always carry such meaning and life to them, such a gift to read! Thank you for another gem 🙏🏻🖤🤗

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