[502] The End of A Recurring End

The world of me ⁣⁣
is still being born⁣⁣
Stillborn ideas ⁣⁣
and a guilty bond⁣⁣
My tragedy is visible ⁣⁣
only to those who⁣⁣
come alive in the⁣⁣
the absence⁣⁣
of chaos ⁣⁣
while its cunning children⁣⁣
wreck havoc in me with ⁣⁣
a smile⁣⁣
I never live an ideal day⁣⁣
yet its hope kills me every day⁣⁣
I always wind up waiting for her⁣⁣
even if her wings fail to fly me away⁣⁣
Nostalgia, forgetfulness⁣⁣
and I live in between⁣⁣
I can hear the silence halt its life⁣⁣
and suffocate my soul with⁣⁣
the pain of forgetting hope one day at a time⁣⁣
one ⁣⁣
word ⁣⁣
at ⁣⁣

Hey, I’ve been relatively absent from posting or engaging and I intend to stop that phase for now. I can’t live without writing for a week at max, my energy depletes and the hold of the writers’ block becomes larger. Now I will halt that begin my regular writing and posting here while also reading all the fantastic writing I might have missed. Cheers!

Art credits – 1988 David B. Mattingly cover art for ‘Starship & Haiku,’ by S. P. Somtow

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  1. “tum se naa ha payega” I took it as a challenge actually but in a different context 😁, thanku for inspiring me, I’m a also writing to someone, but that someone is particular. That’s enough I guess, 👋👋

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