[501] Fade In

Time will go on ⁣
I will slip through its cracks⁣
Have premonitions to disobey⁣
An eternity to disarray⁣
A calling to naturally delay⁣

I will lie under the stars⁣
You will move on⁣
agape at my lack of mobility⁣
aghast at my mood so bittersweet⁣
A constant abeyance to reality⁣

We will disintegrate⁣
Dismayed at our decay⁣
Our immortalisation in words⁣
are meant to fade away⁣
We are meant to fade away⁣
We are meant to…

Artist – Tais Teng

8 thoughts on “[501] Fade In

  1. AMAZING! Rahul, this is so powerfully written and so deep on many levels. Your words always resonate…another gem, my friend 🖤💫🤗

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