[505] Running Out of Time

The time collector is here⁣
to judge your internal lives⁣
and your meditations about ⁣
love and its mysteries to keep⁣
the jaded modern spirit alive⁣

The mountains echo with⁣
your regrets, your face⁣
melts as a volcanic spillage⁣
You want to fall out of time⁣
but the time collector is here⁣

Fragmented self and a life⁣
full of paradigm shifts ⁣
The internal image of you⁣
is a shapeless blur that ⁣
changes whenever you’re certain⁣

So keep promises to yourself⁣
Observe without attachment⁣
Remain still under all pressure⁣
and wait for a rainbow to show⁣
you the way out of the grips of time

Fun fact: The art attached is a highly artistic NFT I own called Surreals inspired by artists like Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali. Artist is JayEffVee

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