[79] Aimless Revolution of a Heartbreak

surviving through bare necessities
through your hum, through your wrath
through your whistling breaths, through your ignorance

it takes a little time to realise
that what i think is small like the letters i wrote to you that
lie crumpled in a dustbin full of used items
the resistance talks about the possibility of accepting that you left.

it takes a little time to realise
that survival through you is an obsession and not a necessity
not a dependency that you think it is, it is all that you think it is
and all that it isn’t

sweet potion of love, a nectar that blooms us all
betrays me when i open the door,
i hear footsteps retracing
i know it was you, your fragrance lingered through your knock
all i do now is wait at the brink, breathing in what’s left of you

how i wish i should have wrote to you one last time
how i wish that letters i wrote weren’t small but BIG because of
all that you reflected was a kingdom in my eyes
and all I could see was the resistance of the crowd.
Aimless revolution.


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