[80] Vagabond Words

The vagabond words reach me
They will reach you soon
till there is a story for me to tell
I won’t let them desert me
but they will reach you soon, I think
Till my head can make sense of my fingers tapping
Till I cease like the sun and the fallen night forgives its shadows
No, I can’t let them desert me
The vagabond words are the mistress that is hidden
like the mystery of why we are here in the first place
The vagabond words are like a mighty kingdom that is
sure to fall in the hands of another but until then
I will make its expression dependent on me
Make it compliant and a tenant of me
The vagabond words are a conspiracy to fool you
That they help in converting abstraction into words

I won’t let you find it, they belong here
in my mind.
The reason of my working, vagabond words make up what you read
A story that I needed to tell
of a secret that never existed.

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