[98] Why Do We Dream?

dream of what’s beyond you
sure, you won’t reach it
at least you’ll be closer to it
than now

dream of lies that you won’t speak
they will remind you of what you choose
not to possess or let it possess you

dream of the success you can’t achieve
they will tell you the reason for what you lack
one by one the dominoes of ignorance will fall
like a dream inside a dream
you’ll reach the unknown

dream of who you are
think of why you are
reflect on what you are
repeat this until you get to know
why the hell you are dreaming at all?

15 thoughts on “[98] Why Do We Dream?

  1. Reality vs Dream – TRUTH OF LIFE. Life is sad not happy all the time. Dreams gives hope – a (Move-on) strategy to life. Dreams cannot be real – a sleepy person is allowed to dream. At the end of the day everybody needs some sleep.
    The magic of this poem contradicts me but the sentences are logical. That we have to treat the dreams as A GOAL that serves our purpose. On this note, I think Dreams are larger than a life type phenomena.

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