[97] The Less I Know The Better

Do we produce work just to keep busy? 

The act of doing puts us into a trance of forgetfulness of our inabilities to actually produce a work that challenges the current thinking and has the ability to stand the test of time. This is masked by the illusion of improvement which journey to reach level.

“I write every day for 4 hours, I’m bound to improve”

Improve because of how busy we are? By mindlessly pursuing the sensation of “busy” or to get a whiff of joy after the end of a tiring day where our day went by filling in countless pages of lies.

Without a goal or purpose, I lack clarity on why I do what I do. But then…

The existentialism of it all taps on my shoulder and informs me.

“When you think you have it all figured, that’s when you should know, you have nothing figured out”

Instead of going down the negativity spiral like before, my thoughts simmer down to a comfort of not knowing. To see our time here as a journey without GPS, as an arrival into a new city. Like the stories of Huckleberry Finn and The Odyssey and the countless road movies of self-discovery, it all boils down to…

“…experience what you don’t know.”

To let the city wash over what you were and to let it give you the opportunity to make you know yourself better, but never knowing at all. When you think you have it all figured out, that you know this city by heart, another city awaits you. As you discover that…

“… the more you know, the less you know.”

25 thoughts on “[97] The Less I Know The Better

  1. I have to say
    how can you experience what you don’t know,
    if you have not yet seen and felt what you do know.
    the stories of Huckleberry Finn and The Odyssey,
    are stories with truths hidden within them.
    real people behind the characters.
    Troy is a city buried under a millennium of rock, dirt, and civilization.
    you have to open and read the books of your selves
    before you can even think of going to the bookstore
    and getting others.
    or you’ll just find those
    sitting on your self
    half read.

    1. My point is the more you read and the more you experience through travel
      The more you know of the wide-ranging things you don’t know.
      So the title is an ironic statement on the points I’ve made, if you’ve read it.

      The more you know, the less you know.

      Because one book suggests you 20 others
      and you can’t possibly learn it all.

      So the comfort of not knowing should be within us, to know our limits.

      1. I understand that
        especially the more you know
        the less you know.
        you have never seen my library
        and know what I study.
        and I did read it
        what I wrote
        was what
        just came out of my half asleep brain.
        its just da da
        certain words I focus on
        and that is what came out.

        sorry if it bothered you
        I do have a creative writing degree.
        I learned in school
        to see what you were trying to say
        and want you to you to tell me.
        in other ways.
        I reply in a dada way.
        to get that out of you.
        i guess
        I’m use to see the poems
        and work
        on paper
        and the person’s face in front of me.
        but that was when I toured the country.

        these days i see a lot of ingredients
        and food going out to feed people’s bellies.

        my freiends pushed me
        to do this
        they told me I needed to put my stuff back out there
        and talk with fellow writers.

        when we talk to each other it makes us better.
        like when I was in creative writing class
        and we read our stuff to each other.

        this ‘like’ stuff
        doesn’t make sense to me.

        I always want to know what it made you feel
        what you thought.
        sometimes it makes you write something
        what was it.
        that’s what writers do for each other.

        so one at a time I will read a piece
        awve a comment
        and go back and forth with you.
        but remember
        I do work a 70 hour a week job as a chef
        and have to get this shit in my brain out

        so it’ll be one piece at a time.

        but here is a question
        where are you from.?

  2. I am aware that busyness can be a distraction, so your point is well taken. I also agree that the more we know /experience the more questions we have. Well written post.

  3. But what if we know everything and find out everything. Is that any good to us – any puzzle to solve – anything to look forward to – anything to wish for. That is not justice. The less we know, we have opportunities. The more we know, there’s no adventure remains for us. Just take the ride and chill. Express what you feel like – that is the ultimate fun of being alive.
    Appreciate the quote – the more you know, the less you know!!!!

  4. “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to experience.”

    There’s something to that, and we certainly run the risk of conflating action with progress. That said, experience is the only way we truly learn. So I think what you said is an important caution, but to me it’s more a matter of not losing sight of what your goals really are.

    Plus, sometimes we just need a little frivolity in our lives.

  5. The Philosopher Derrida said: To write is to have the passion of origin. Yes, writing comes from the deep within which is also a void. Anand Bose from Kerala

  6. If you follow Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule, then all you need to do is put in that time and you’ll get to mastery. Of course, writing without direction doesn’t feel like the road to mastery. Your solution, to embrace “the comfort of not knowing,” a lovely phrase, is a good one. Write what you find compelling and interesting, and leave the rest up to the world.

  7. Such a good post and so perfect for me right now, experiencing myself in Tokyo, before I was in Bangkok, on Monday I will be arriving in Kolkatta. As the India Tourism ads say, ‘incredible India: experience yourself… find the incredible you.’ Looking forward to getting back to beautiful India.

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