It’s been more than 10 days since I’ve written something. This was sort of a test to check my resolve for writing. How serious am I about it? I wanted to check will I miss writing.

I did.

Every night there was a want to write. The red book lay catching dust waiting for me to open it and scribble down my subconscious thoughts. Although, the want shied away from turning into a need, so I never wrote.

The only consistency I have provided my life with is breaking habits that provide me with focus, resolve and motivation. A motivation that hallucinates to never turn into a discipline.

The answer is always blowing in the wind, we forget their existence because of their invisible nature. Tangibility is more consistent than abstraction. But the magic is in the abstraction, for it hides you from the truth.

The answer to all my woes is to write every day, to gain clarity, to grab focus and glide my mind rather than letting it stray. So I hope to make it the final nail in the coffin because this is maybe the last time I’ll ever get the freedom I have. So I hope to stay true to the title of my blog. Smoke Words Every Day.