[107] Persona Of A Writer

All of our thoughts, ideas, ideologies and viewpoints are not real or at least, not our own. All of these are things that sound admirable/respectable. These are things that we steal from films, books and other personalities to form our own. Just because we think we understand these ideas and have no logical argument against them, we think we have a right to them. But it is all just a mask that we wear to feel authentic to ourselves and to others.

It is all but a persona.

Now that we know that our ideas are not original, we need to find different ways of conveying the same message in a different style or treatment. Writing is a process involving creativity where we make believe that the idea you’re consuming right now has never been done before, it’s all but a form of fooling the reader. But the more important point is not to fool yourself in the same process to feign originality.

So find new tricks to let the cliche slide into the audience’s mind, again.

Love for your craft is important and what’s also important and maybe more pertinent is a routine. All the great writers from Murakami to Stephen King to Ernest Hemingway wrote with a set routine that they practised every day. Routine combined with a love for your craft will help you write that sentence you can be proud of.

Leo Tolstoy: “I must write each day without fail”

Ernest Hemingway: “I write every morning.”

If you don’t love writing, no one will love reading your writing. Because passion can be felt while reading words. So write that story or a poem with passion and then, just let it go.

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