Part of my culture
conflicts with my nature
a deception of my mind
I don’t let it resist a
conscious of a nation
so I fall back and fall apart to
hide from the desire of standing out

Then they say

Nobody wants to know your mystery
Mystery man
You’re self-conscious about your own mystery
Mystery man
but what if I told you
You’re no mystery
Mystery man
because all that you are is all out there
with the government
Mystery man

I check myself and try to be who I am
which conflicts with the conscious of a nation
borderline offensive even though
I am no longer a mystery man
Now they find what I am too far from what they are
All they can think of now
to teach a lesson of history to me
the mystery man
A history that is hidden from truth in plain sight
but my lips remain shut so not to foretell a future
of being a full stop
to remove a question mark
to their own mystery
of a history filled with killing
Mystery men