[117] The Battle Of The Idle Mind

An idle mind sits alone
stoic as its nature
it sits wandering with no aim
A preface to the devil’s workshop
It seduces the soul inside

The mind meditates on its decision
but considers all the outcomes
They range from despair to joy to suffering
In order to avoid suffering
ignorance comes to the rescue
It helps it forget its environment
and gives the mind the joy it needed

An endless fountain of joy
flowed from the fickle mind
The eyes tired as they are
put up a show of celebration
with happiness and ecstasy
as its players
the world became the stage

But like all shows of drama
conflict changed the character
The curtain call shook the mind
as it shattered the persona created
It came alive after all this while
Who it was deep inside
A giant ball of mess
inside a chaotic stoic mind

31 thoughts on “[117] The Battle Of The Idle Mind

  1. It is a wonderful piece and I was drawn in…..but the second stanza, 6th line is awkward/clunky. All of the “its” cause me pause. I crave for different verbiage. Just a suggestion.

    1. Thank you so much 😀
      I took your suggestion and changed it accordingly, please check and tell me if its better.

      Keep the suggestions coming ❤️

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